Vocational Education Seminar and Training for Regional Chambers and Associations

BSD News, 24 June 2016

KADIN Indonesia through KADIN Indonesia – Business Support Desk has settled a partnership with IHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) regarding to the improvement of vocational education and training services from selected regional chambers in order to meet the needs better. Through this partnership, it is expected that there would be more sustainable employment opportunities created for young people.  As the continuity of this partnership, a “Vocational Education” Seminar and Training for regional chambers and associations was held on June 13-14 at the Training Room 3rdfloor.  Attended by 12 provincial chambers, 3 BKSPs (Badan Koordinasi Sertifikasi Profesi), 8 associations and 1 vocational school, this event aimed to elaborate the existing vocational training in Indonesia and to socialize the training centre multiplication program.

On the first day session, the executive director of IHK Trier, Jan Glockauer,
explained how the dual system of vocational training has been implemented and run in Germany. Moreover, he also explained the involvement of related stakeholders as well as the role of chamber of commerce and industry in the development of the vocational training in Germany.   As the IHK Trier expert, Andreas Gosche also gave an explanation, how the current partnership between IHK Trier and regional BKSPs and selected regional chambers has developed.  According to him, this partnership has achieved several goals, such as the development of professional certification by giving trainings for assessors, the establishment of revised curriculum in the field of timber and laboratory assistant and the evelopment of training centers in Jawa Tengah, Bandung and North Sumatera. Referring to this matter, IHK Trier has the intention to develop this kind of partnership with KADIN Indonesia to extend and broaden its objective. Setiyo Agustiono through his presentation gave an example, how the dual system vocational education has been implemented in some vocational schools (SMK) in East Java. He also pointed out the upcoming programs of BKSP.   Moreover, Pri Soeprayitno as the head of permanent committee of industrial relationship and moderator for the discussion session gave a brief explanation about the situation of the current relation between industry and vocational school in implementing internship, whereas there is still a skill gap between the required competences and the learning process at vocational school.

The discussion about the current situation between industry and vocational school continued on the second day session, where Fasli Jalal as the head of permanent committee of primary, secondary and vocational education and the moderator of the discussion gave further explanation about the development of vocational school in Indonesia.  Some topics such as profession priority to develop, the accordance between vocational school curriculum and industry requirement, the certification process and the enhancement and strengthening of internship at industry were further discussed. Also on this occasion, Agustina Devi, director of EduKADIN Jateng, presented how to set up and manage a training centre. Through her presentation, she gave the outlook, how the EduKADIN Jateng runs and manages the trainings offered. Furthermore, she also explained how EduKADIN Jateng generates income to cover its activities.

As the result of this two-day-training, it can be concluded that further steps should be taken to synchronize the vocational school curriculum and the industry needs, whereas it’s not only focused on acquired skill but also character building. It’s also suggested that industry should be more open to give chance for SMK teachers/instructors to have industrial experience as well as to be more open in developing the teaching factory concept in order to involve SMK students in industry process. After this two-day-training, further activities will be conducted to develop the partnership between KADIN Indonesia and IHK Trier. (WL)