Why Indonesia?

With close to 250 million people, it is the world's fourth most populous country. Enjoying the recently stabled political system, and in transition from a traditional agrarian existence to a modern, sophisticated and highly consumer-driven society, Indonesia had a GDP of more than US$1,000 billion in 2012 alone, and is on track to record annual 6% growth rates (or higher) in the current decade. Indonesia has recently seen her rating increased to BB+ by Fitch and Moody's rating agencies, a sign of its growing economic stability.

It is the third largest growing economy in Asia, and the largest one within East Asian Countries. Over 50% of the population is under 30, living in urban areas, and is increasingly technologically aware and educated. That's a market your company can't afford to miss.

Indonesia is vast in size, population and resources. Half of the worlds shipping passes through Indonesian waters, and labor costs are fair, but comparably lower than China and India. On the political side, Indonesia is the only South East Asian country to belong to the G-20.

The country has thoroughly improved its investment regulations to meet new investors' needs without endangering the local economy. Bureaucracy has been reduced, the Negative Investment List (a document indicating the business sectors that are closed or partially restricted to foreign investment, as a way of protecting national interests) has been revised and simplified, and a new integrated service and an electronic automation platform for investment licenses and non-licensing services has been created. Tax breaks and reduced corporate tax rates (28%) make Indonesia an appealing country to invest in.