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We offer policy expertise to the Indonesian Chamber organization, with a dedicated focus on international trade and investment.



Industrial Estate (MCIE)

the biggest industrial estate in western Jakarta. Strategically situated in Serang, The MCIE presents 2,175 hectares of fully-serviced industry zone with good quality infrastructures, best supporting facilities, and well-planned estate management.



e-Halal Forum

KADIN Indonesia in cooperation with Halal Development Corporation (HDC) organized e-Halal Forum to encourage halal product development in Indonesia, especially through e-commerce.



President Alpha Conde's Visit to KADIN Indonesia

Honorary visit of Guinea's President Alpha Conde to KADIN Indonesia to strengthen trade and investment of the both countries.



The case for raising US interest rates has "strengthened", the head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen says.... more »

Indonesia Trade and Investment News 06/16

(Kadin BSD Bulletin - June 2016)

The latest KADIN - Business Support Desk Bulletin for June 2016 is now available.... more »

On Thursday, the 2nd of June 2016, the international relations committee of KADIN Indonesia  held a full-day-national working meeting entitled “Indonesia Incorporated Enhancing International Relations for Sustainable Economic Growth”. ... more »

KADIN Indonesia through KADIN Indonesia – Business Support Desk has settled a partnership with IHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) regarding to the improvement of vocational education and training services from selected regional chamber... more »

Incredible India Tourism Investors' Summit 2016

(Kadin BSD Events - September 2016)

The Tourism Sector in India presents a plethora of investment opportunities in areas of infrastructure development, both from India and overseas. The main objective of the Incredible India Tourism Investors’ Summit is to position the Indian Tourism sec... more »

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